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General Discussion
Post all your general discussion threads in here!
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by PAHornyguy
Fun & Games
All fun stuff goes here, such as jokes, funny incidents and so on
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Sexual Discussion
Discuss sex here, sexual postions, fetishes, likes, dislikes - whatever!
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Erotic Stories
Post your erotic stories in here!
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NDN Web Site
Site Discussion
Discuss the site and stuff here
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Site Announcements
Posts from the NDN team on the goings on in this place.
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Post any feedback you have on the site - be it positive or negative, or make suggestions to improve the site.
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Feel free to ask for / offer help regarding the site here.
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Premium Testimonials
If you are premium, write a testimonial here about premium for prospective premium members to read!
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by alleycat
Meets, Greets & Goodbyes
Meet People
Announce your intentions to meet other people here
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Announce your arrival and say hello to other members here. Make new members feel welcome!
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Some of us sometimes have to leave this place, leave a goodbye post to members here
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by averagejoe2000
Other Languages Forum
German | Deutsche Language Posts
Sprechen Sie/sprecht ihr deutsch? Dann ist hier der Platz fuer Ihre/eure Kommentare.
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Other Languages
Don't speak English or German (Deutsche) then feel free to post here in any other language
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