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Saturday, July 20, 2024, 6:17:37 AM - Another fun and fabulous day under the hot Spanish sun
Again, my favorite pastime! Tossing everything, including flip-flops in the backpack, a generous serving of baby oil, of course with "special emphasis" (!) on my smooth dick. Not a single hair to stop the sunshine. And then, a long trek in the woods, about 9 kilometers of constant swinging, shaking, stroking, edging and never cuming to an end. Five steps - left hand, ten steps - right hand. You know the drill - one hand stroking - sometimes gently, sometimes stronger, another one squeezing those balls. The sun caresses my smooth body, the warm sand and pine needles feeling great on bare feet, and as usual, not a soul in sight. Just the gentle wind bringing some cool, crickets and bird chirping, total silence, except for the occasional car passing in the distance. Then, after a few more hours of swinging, stroking, squeezing, I reach a nice hill with a great view to the sea. Again, some serious stroking, some more baby oil.
After a few more hills up and down, I reach the "special area" where the real action takes place. Occasional totally naked, like me guys walking around, some with limp dicks, some with really impressive and scary toys. Yes, I am fascinated by big dicks like most of us, but man, these guys were enormous! You need two really large hands to stroke them and not enough of big mouth to handle them! As far as having them in other places, well, just the thought makes me shudder! smile
So, continuing my long walk and stroke, as usual I bump into guys - young and muscular with great bodies and dicks, making it out in the shadow of the pine forest, stroking each other and having sex in the open, passionately and shamelessly. And why would they
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Monday, July 15, 2024, 6:47:25 PM - Katy Perry: The Ultimate Gay Icon
Katy Perry is a huge favorite in the gay community, known for her fun personality, catchy songs, and strong support for gay rights. She first made waves in 2008 with "I Kissed a Girl," a song that boldly celebrated same-sex attraction and got everyone talking!

But Katy's love for the gay community goes way beyond her music. She's always speaking up for gay rights and has worked with groups like The Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign. In 2017, she was given the National Equality Award, where she gave an inspiring speech about love and acceptance.

Katy's concerts are legendary, creating a safe and fun space for everyone, especially her LGBTQ+ fans. Songs like "Firework" and "Roar" are all about empowerment and self-love, making them anthems for anyone needing a boost.

In short, Katy Perry is more than just a pop star—she's a fierce advocate and a true friend to the community. Her ongoing support and celebration of diversity make her a beloved and iconic figure.

Have you checked her new song yet?
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 11:51:24 AM - Fag needs exposed
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 5:28:29 AM - My first sexual encounter
It was a summer of 1983. We have a new head coach for our baseball team. He was tall handsome and very good looking. After games we would go over to his apartment and throw parties. Sometimes after those parties I would stay the night because it was easier for me to take the bus home in the morning. Good night after getting overly inebriated we headed to the pool at his complex. About a half an hour later he made a joke about skinny dipping. So I slid my shorts off and delve into the water. He followed by taking his shorts off and jumping in the water. He swam around me running his hands around my thighs. I return the favor by swimming in circles around him running my hands around his body. We also swam through each other's legs. The object of that see if we can go through without touching each other's body. This type of play went on for about another hour. As we departed the pool he dared me to walk back to the apartment naked which of course I obliged. As we got back to the apartment he asked me if I wanted a massage. He laid a blanket down in the dining room and had me lay face down. You then took his shorts off and got down next to me and started giving me a massage. It felt so good I started to melt into it. He then sat right below my buttocks and gave me long strips up and down my back while rubbing his cock in between my cheeks. And of course this whole time I had a raging hard on. He then ran his hands around my cheeks. His fingers would wander around my hole. From there they would wander to my inner thigh and up while grazing my shaft. He then put his hand paln up on the ground and slid his fingers around my balls. He caressed them for a few minutes and then he ran
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Sunday, June 30, 2024, 5:12:18 PM - I cannot stop posting my nudes online
Hi all,

I like to post my nudes everywhere online and I cannot stop. It makes me so horny when I read comments on about me and even more when people tell me they jerk off to my nuds.

What do you think, should I stop posting my nudes or should I do it more? What do you like to see?

King regards,
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Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 8:08:16 PM - introduction
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Monday, June 24, 2024, 5:33:19 PM - Birthday Present
I gave my twink son what he wanted, a gang bang. Six dicks, one sassy little prick, and a lot of alcohol. They destroyed his throat, his ass, covered him with cum and piss. Roger's boi serviced my cock while I watched. The tip jar was stuffed full of cash. That goes to his college expenses.
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Thursday, May 30, 2024, 9:27:56 AM - Naked Chef and Servant
Have accepted to be the sex servant to a new Master. Sunday 19 May was ordered to cater for him and 2 friends as naked chef. Arriving at his place around 10h00 stripping naked we had coffee and receiving his instruction for preparing the light lunch. He was fully dressed and with a grin on his face he attached t crock nipple clamps onto my small nipples and told me "want fuck you now, will wait for my friends"
He left me in the kitchen to start the cooking prep.
His friends arrived around 11h00. He introduced me as his sex slave and servant and told them that they can fuck me anytime. To me he commanded, serve the red wine.
Pouring the 3 glasses of Merlot and serving them on a tray. they had started to undress. Both his friends were hairy one had a ginger blond pubic hairs and was circumcised, some chest hairs and a thin line running down to his pelvic. The other had dark black hairs, his chest and belly covered with black hairs and a very thick pubic bush. Both are middle aged.
Waited till they were fully undressed and handed them the wine. Then collecting their cloth from the floor, asking; Sir shall I hang it up in the 2nd bedroom? Yes and waved me to do so.
When I got back to the launch ginger was rubbing his cock and balls and was nearly fully erected. I went in front of him kneeling down cupping his balls and feeding his cock into my mouth rubbing my tongue over his head. His cock got fully erected and he asked me. Do you like to suck cock; bitch. Looking up to him, Yes Sir, Sir has a nice taste. His cock spewed a fair amount of precum. Lets see if your ass is as tight as your Master said. He fucked me from behind on my knees.
He chuckled,
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Monday, May 13, 2024, 6:35:59 AM - still looking

i am a bi top only mature farmer, i live alone in my farm and i look for new friends,partners,company and ltr with sub singles,married (M/F) ,cucks who want to join me ,
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Sunday, March 31, 2024, 12:51:58 PM - Cumming & swallowing

I tried my own cum and quickly lose my horny side when I have shot my load. The other day I was camming with a friend on snapchat in the empty bath I got so horny with his encouraging talking I told him I'd cum in my mouth for him.

He said he'd love to watch so I positioned my legs up the wall and began stroking , his dirty talk was taking me to the edge and then I slowly jerked my cum into my gaping mouth, this is when I lose interest and spit it out, but because my friend was still talking dirty I was enjoying it more.

I showed him close up the cum in my mouth saying 'I wish it was his' and then swallowed it.

Yeah just some dirty encouragement was what I needed to give my friend a great show!

It'll happen again.
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Monday, March 11, 2024, 8:16:45 PM - My Kinks and Fantasies.
As you can see my dick. It was nearly 9 inches. Some are wonders about the size, it was my grandpa gene. I saw his cock while he changing his dress.

You may already predicted, that my role is Dom/Master Top who loves gorgeous Assholes to fuck it hard and passionately. I loves both romance and Rough.

If you want me romantic, then I will a romantic daddy or husbando to you . If you loves rough and crazy sex, then I will be the Dom top who has the control or master to make use of your vulnerable and go mad for your tears and screams.

❤️ Romantic Kinks : hugs and kisses 😘, liplocks, Love bites everywhere in your body. Kiss your whole body. Then giving your mouth a wonderful soft thrust. Then turn you around and slowly rubbing my cock in your rear entrance. Then having a passionately romantic sex. Cumming in your hole deeper and you will love your romantic husbando. Then hug and kiss you harder in bed even without taking my cock out.

😈 Rough Fantasies : come to your home, lift you up and go to backyard. Make
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Monday, February 19, 2024, 5:50:29 PM - Sex Means So Much To Me
As I've previously stated in this blog, I have been obsessed with nudity and sex for as long as I can remember. I recall when I was no more than 4 or 5 years of age, playing in an old barn with a neighborhood boy (my age) named Mickey. I recall we both pulled our pants down and while in a squatting position rubbed our child bare asses together. I know I found it enjoyable, as I still have that memory some 72 years later. Again as I stated earlier, at age 11 or 12 I loved going to my male cousin's house where he and I would take off our clothes and marvel at each other's nakedness. I have such fond memories of sucking his cock, and of him sucking mine.We eventually reached a point where we jacked off together and would cum. It did not occur to me to have him cum in my mouth, nor for me to cum in his mouth. Missed opportunities! We eventually "grew out" of having immature sex and I was left with jacking off whenever I could. I once had a high school friend spend the night in my parent's house. We were allowed to sleep in the basement in privacy. I talked him into getting naked with me, and later that night I sucked his stiff cock. Unfortunately, he found it repulsive that I would be able to take his cock in my mouth and suckle on it. There went that high school friendship! I chronicle in an earlier passage how my high school classmate "Butch" and I once jacked off together in the front seat of a car. It then wasn't until I went away to college and began having sex with women that I had sex beyond just jacking myself off. I still love to jack off, although it is much, much more of a chore now that I'm age 76. Even at my "advanced" age of 76 the urge
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Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 11:14:48 AM -
Will meet with my new fwb tomorrow. she has sucked me off just two times. The last two times we met. I eat her pussy every time.
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Monday, January 29, 2024, 9:50:43 AM - I need someone to cut my grass
Well my foot is getting better but I still can't do to much in the garden.
I need someone of any age I doing mind at all as long as you can cut the grass.
Naked if possible and looking for a bit of fun with me too.
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Saturday, January 6, 2024, 10:55:03 AM - Toes & soles Fetish
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Monday, January 1, 2024, 7:39:24 PM - My slutty 2023 recap [all genders]
Hello gents, it's been on my mind that I've had so many hott and slutty experiences over the years that I should find somewhere to share them. Hopefully they'll be appreciated here.

In 2023, I hooked up with 22 new guys. There were some repeats, but I currently track every new guy I play with. As always, my highlights are (legal) teen and early 20's Black guys. Not sure what it is about Black guys... maybe a long-term rebellion against my racist parents, or maybe it's my way of making up for my slave-owning ancestors, or maybe it's just that they're fucking hott... whatever it is, I *love* Black dick. Young, lean Black men with long, thick cocks... assertive guys who don't tell me their names but know exactly how to fuck a White man like me right in my throat. It turns me on so much to think about how eager I am to go from never having met to fucking my mouth. And the cum...fuckk.. have you really lived until you've had an 18yo bm, who had already pulled their cock out of their sweats before hopping in your car, immediately fuck your mouth to completion. I would submit that it's the best tasting sperm out there. My only regret is that my asshole is so tight. I wish I could get some video of myself with a young Black man's gorgeous cock punching me up my asshole that I could share with all of you.

Let's see.. what else did I get into. I fucked with 6 trans guys. Most of them blew me. Half of them I licked their cunt hole. Half of them I fucked.

Then there's the women. Not counting repeats, 6 new women spread their legs for me in 2023. The highlight of this was the Black high school junior who I caught on her 18th birthday. I had to check her ID to make sure
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Friday, December 29, 2023, 5:41:19 AM - I want someone to fuck my ASS
I would like to find a nice Top Transgender transvestite or crossdresser to fuck my ASS. I can't hosy, my wife works from home, nor do I drive. So I would like to find someone to pick me up take me to a motel have your way with me. I suck cock love to be fucked and sometimes I eat ASS. Check out my profile. If you want to take my ASS reply here.
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Thursday, December 21, 2023, 4:57:55 AM - Things that have gone up my ass...

I've fooled around with dildos and they just do not do it for me. I convinced my girlfriend - actually she didn't need much convincing- to progressively stick more fingers up my arse while she was kissing me the other day. She had ridden my face to orgasm - initially she had her held her pussy over my mouth as I lay flat on the bed - but after a while of me licking her, increasingly hard, she started, as she had before, to thrust with her hips, and I pulled her clit hard to my mouth. She ground her cunt into my mouth - my tongue as hard as I could keep it - and eventually she came, loud and hard. She absolutely loves this and I love that she gets off on using my face like that. Then she moved down to lick my anus - something she does very well - while jacking me off. Normally this drives me wild but this time I was in an odd mood and wanted to kiss her to say thank you. Which I did and she played with my cock - letting her fingers slip down and occasionally graze my anus.

So I asked her to stick a finger in.

And she did and continued to kiss me.

"More" I asked...and she did and continued to kiss me...knowing I was gong wild.

"More" I said and she grabbed some of the MCT oil we use for lube - and lubed up her fingers really well.

She worked all 4 fingers in, tips first and one by one, inching up nearly up to the knuckles, pushing them in and out and swirling them around while I moaned into her mouth and kissed her. After a while i started playing with my cock, absolutely overcome in a horny daze. I reached down to her hand, grabbed it, and jammed it up my arse hard, pushing so all four fingers were
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Monday, November 27, 2023, 5:27:04 AM - Хочу
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Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 1:15:27 AM - Finally got tag teamed
So it finally happened! The other evening daddy met a guy on grinder and decided to share me.
He wants to start totally whoring me out and this was my initiation. I took both cocks really well I think (you can see the blowjob part in my videos here on NDN). All I know is I was riding dick and sucking the other at the same time, taking it from behind while sucking cock, etc. THEY EVEN HIGH-FIVED AMD DID AN EIFFEL TOWER ON ME!!!! Made me feel like such a slut. They both came all over my face and I had my first double facial. I can’t wait until daddy brings him over again. I’m so happy being whored out because after all, that’s what I’m good at! Next on the list is a gangbang. Wish me luck!!
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Thursday, August 31, 2023, 5:11:50 PM - over exposure...
Recently I've been taking direction from online Dom's from all over the world. They've had me abuse my hole, torture my testicles, expose myself, etc... The one guy has had me locate an isolated washroom in a park and then take pics and video of me masturbating, licking the urinal and toilet seats.... I was there, naked and on my knees licking the urinal when he door opened and in walked this big black guy.
"He said you would be here faggot."
I froze and didn't know what to do or say.
"Get over here and suck my cock," he ordered.
I crawled over, fished his cock out of his shorts and started sucking. As I was sucking he explained that he was a follower of one of my online profiles and that a Dom had contacted him about using me in real life. The Dom was in Europe and was just able to direct me online. He had been slowly expanding my limits and now thought I was ready to take the next step, a real life black master that would enslave me. By this time he was rock hard. He had me bend over the counter and spread my legs, exposing my hole. He roughly fingered it, spit on it and then shoved his big cock inside it. I squealed at the intrusion, but he just told me to shut up and kept on fucking. He eventually came deep in my hole. He withdrew and then had me clean his cock with my mouth.
He gathered up my clothes and told me get in the far stall and to service anyone that opened the door. He would be back later. Over the course of the afternoon I serviced nine cocks! They came in, opened the door, saw me naked and then used my mouth and sometimes my hole. I was covered in cum.
Finally the black guy returned. He ordered
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Friday, August 18, 2023, 8:05:45 AM - The Office
Just got hired as a administrator / cyber security officer for a new small business where they sell custom dog collars.
My boss was such a busy woman always on the go and always on edge. The interview was so fast . I walked in she looked me up and down
and said i can start straight away and she hurried out the door.

That afternoon while i was cleaning out all of the computers i'd noticed that alot of the bookmarks were all jumbled and had OF on them.
thinking nothing of it i put them all in a folder called OF thinking she would need access to them easily.
i logged out of all the computers after i had cleaned them all and she came back from being out all day.
I asked her if she wanted to see what i'd done with the computers and she handed me a custom dog collar with my
name on it . At first i found it strange and then made a joke "oh i'll put this on and then i'll be yours" . She laughed smirked and said "something like that".

The next day i entered the office and there was another young lady sitting the desk with a collar on that had her name on it . The name tag said "connie" .
she greeted me with a huge smile and said "oh you don't have your collar on . she'll be in soon so you need to have it on"
I reached into my bag and put the collar on. She reached around behind me to help with the buckle. She also reached down to my
crouch had a feel and said "oh you don't have one down there yet... i'm sure she'll help out with that."

A little taken back by what she said i'd pulled back and didn't know what was going on.
She giggled and said "oh you don't know what we do here do
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Sunday, July 9, 2023, 9:52:23 PM - Time
I have't log in here for a while. A long time really. I've never actually met anyone through this sight. If I do a search I'm the only one in my town on this sight. What a bummer. That's the way things go sometimes I guess. I'll try not to let so much time pass before I'm back. If anyone wants to chat, let me know. If anyone is in town and wants a blowjob with no reciprocation needed or desired, let me know sooner! LOL
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Friday, June 30, 2023, 4:37:59 AM - My first gay encounter

I was visiting Turin, Italy on business in 1983 staying in a city centre hotel. After an evening meal in the city I returned to my hotel for a nightcap in the hotal bar, I where I bebecame involved with an Italian man trying to communicate in two separate language. After a couple of rounds of drinks the bar closed and my new friend asked if I would like a nightcap in his room.......Innocently I thought nothing of it and said Si.

Sitting on his sofa I was approached and he placed his hands on my thighs and notioned towards the bed say " he lika boys and girls" being straight I was horrified and said no thank you and left his room. A short time later I find myself thinking about the attractive older man and too my misbelief start to get aroused, the more I thought about it the harder I this time I was naked ready for bed .....suddenly slipping on a robe I find myself walking to his room heart beating out of my chest and quietly knocking on the door. Surprised he becond me in and I faced him opening my robe exposing my hard cock, he led mt to the bed, removed his robe and kissed me passionately. Soon I found myself being pushed down onto his rock har cock where he proceeded to pump in and out of my mouth, after a few minutes he turned me facedown on the bed reached into a bedside draw and said "now I fuck you yes ?" before I knew it he had smeared my ass with very cold jelly and he was on top of me. The next few moments were the most painful I had ever experienced but deep down I know I now had no choise......gradually the pain eased and he expertly slid in and out of my ass. After 15 minutes or so of vigours pounding he ejaculated and
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Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 10:29:35 PM - Looking for 2 guy for my first threesome also looking for man and woman for first time threesome with a couple
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Saturday, May 20, 2023, 11:11:46 PM - What a ride(s)!
Carl and Wayne came over an wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I said why not, it's a beautiful day. Took off and found some out of the way roads and spent about 2 hours enjoying the ride. We stopped along the side of the road, Carl needed to relieve himself. So all 3 of us, on the side of the road, pissing. Observing each others equipment, Carl by far has a NICE 7 inch cock with Wayne and I are about average.

Wayne said to me, "How would you like to suck that", talking about Carl. "I would and have!" I said smiling. "I think we should go back to your place and take care of this", Carl said turning to us with a semi hard on. Lets go! Wayne said. So off we went..

We returned home, park the bikes, went in the house and stripped. We were going to take a shower, but we had to take turns because the shower is not all that big. I was first I went in washed off the road dirt it was rinsing when I felt somebody come in behind me. It was Carl. I could tell when his dick touched my ass. I turned around and bent down and took that 7 inch to the balls. His grown was unexpected. "Let me shower up here and we'll continue with this" Carl said. "I'll be ready", I said. Wayne was waiting out side the shower with his dick in the air. I grabbed it and stroked it. It was VERY hard. I felt my ass quiver. I want to sit on that!

After all showered, we grabbed a beer and we went to the living room. Big screen TV with porn and a very large sofa and 3 dicks that were standing straight out. Carl was drinking his beer, I took a mouth full of beer and put Carls dick in my mouth. He gasped with the cold beer but started
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Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 1:38:55 AM - My favorite video store.
I went to my favorite video shop recently. They have video viewing booths with gloryholes and management allow customers to share booths. When I got there, I found an empty booth between two occupied booths. That gave me a gloryhole on each side. I got naked, except for my boat shoes. I had on one of my stainless cock rings, my nice pink bow cock ring and the red panties. I looked through one of the glory holes and saw a guy with a beautiful cock jerking off while watching a gay video. I did the finger swipe on the gloryhole and his gorgeous hard cock came through. I licked his shaft and kissed his cock head for a while. He was really oozing precum! I took him into my mouth and started stoking his cock with my hand and mouth at the same time. He was moaning pretty loud, I could tell the guy on the other side heard him and was looking through the other gloryhole to see what was happening. My guy had been jerking off for a while so he wasn’t going to last long. I felt his cock tense and he pushed through the gloryhole wanting me to deep throat him. I did my best but he was huge. Then he started to cum, and cum, and cum. I couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up and his cum was running down my chin and out the sides of my mouth. It was AMAZING. He pulled his cock back real slow, said thanks through the hole and left. I was so horny it was incredible, I was hard as a rock. I took off my panties and wiped his cum from my chin and mouth, rubbing it onto my hardon. I almost came, but I didn’t want to cum too early! I turned to the other gloryhole to see that guy still looking through. He did the finger swipe so I pushed my cock through and he
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Sunday, April 23, 2023, 7:13:30 PM - teen sex
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Friday, February 10, 2023, 12:19:18 AM - I came back
Hello everybody ❤️After many years, and also prostate cancer and removal, a even shorter cock and in general a bit battered, I feel the need to start having fun in this community again. All my photos are gone, I found some on newbienudes but here sadly not. Luckily I'm really in the mood to start exposing myself again so I'll get some pics up asap. If any of my old friends are out there, please say hi? My fetish is for small cocks, so if you have one of those, also say hi, let's get rude!
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Thursday, February 9, 2023, 6:10:02 AM - Grosse envie d'être vu!
Hello besoin de montrer ma Queue
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Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 6:27:05 AM - i enjoy modeling panties
Want to see? Get in touch with me...

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Sunday, January 22, 2023, 7:18:28 PM - reasons for exposing myself
Thankyou very much for your feedback. You embody the reasons I put myself so openly on display. At the risks of sounding conceded; I realize that my body physically is just stunning in almost every way and there isn't a human being on earth who can honestly say or deny this. I like making peoples lives more enjoyable. In the lonely solitude of living in small town bible belt USA, This is the only way I figure I can reach the most people worldwide and make the largest difference as well as satisfy my own enormous sexual appetite. Yes it is a very small difference at the individual level, but a very large difference when individuals are combined. Some people may see me as bad or a sinner, but the reality is what bad is it causing? Makes people happier and maybe someone will get their jollies off to me instead of doin something inappropriate within their community.

I want everyone to see me as a tool to use to quench their sexual appetites and I do not care what negative effects it will surely cause me in the future. no one is getting hurt and its worth sacrificing my reputation for. I do not see this as a choice for me. It is a 100% obligation I have to give back to the world for having received such a generous gift of beauty from the world. Feel free to quote anything im saying btw.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 12:12:28 PM - suck
Looking for someone in S. Ga wanting to service a dick ?
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Wednesday, December 28, 2022, 5:56:04 AM - Love Cock
For me -- I do love worshiping and servicing cock. Love the feel of it in my two holes.
Love when my LOVER finger fucks my mouth - 1st with one finger - 2nd with two finger - 3hrd with three fingers - 4th with four fingers.
Rub the inside of my mouth and try to make me gag. Then he can face fuck me any way he wants. Love being a Ass to Mouth Faggot/SLUT.
I am looking for a DADDY, Dom, or a TOP -- who needs a part/time male slut to service his cock.
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Monday, December 19, 2022, 8:17:10 PM -
Tell me about your first time
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Monday, November 28, 2022, 5:51:21 AM - For the new year
Finally for the 2023 year, will post the blond look for those looking forward to this. Either 2 to 4 weeks of posts. Or might just split them up 1 or 2 weeks in the month for variety. 2023 will be here before you know it. More exciting pics and vids for my existing and new fans.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 5:05:48 PM - Hi Guys!! I'm Hosting Weekly Gay Parties 732-492-4110
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Thursday, October 27, 2022, 3:51:21 PM - Position.
Contacting all Tops.
All Tops please breed me in the missionary style position and fill my ass with a massive amount of your semen and sperm.
I want to absolutely carry around your semen and sperm in my ass for a long time
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Thursday, October 20, 2022, 7:47:30 AM - Still lost
I have been unable to dress up in women's clothes for quite a while now, and to be honest even though I get the urge I don't go through the hassle. However, I still have a craving to be with a man despite being a straight guy who still loves women. My wife has zero interest in sex due to medication and I have been on my own for years. Exploring my feminine side I realized that I would really like to enjoy a cock in my mouth as well as have sex with a man. At first I thought I could only do this while "impersonating" a woman, but that urge is nearly constant and all I think about is being with a man sexually. Men who chase crossdressers are generally not the best of men to engage in a relationshiip with which is one reason I have had a horrible time working things out to hook up with a guy. I don't want it just to be a one time thing unless we both agree or it's too creepy but I also want to be able to engage in sexual activity while not dressed as a woman. For most men I've talked to this is not an option which is confusing.

I think at this point I just need a clean guy that will take friends with benefits on the down low, but I have always felt that I need a boyfriend to satisfy my urge of my feminine side. I suppose from my vantage point any man that desires to be with me will have me to himself (other than my wife who has no sexual interest) and it's just fair for him to do what he needs to do but I just really need the experience of that physical encounter with a man to get my mind straight.
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Saturday, October 15, 2022, 7:34:13 AM - Fist time at sauna formen
I had an angry story lately... I'm straight, married, but for several years, I've been going on guy sites, I liked it, I tried webcam chat then skype cams, and I wanted to meet guys. But difficult to cross the course.
I tried a time or two to watch and show myself on a nudist beach, once I even outrageously watched two men who were naked on their towel, but without success.

Having never touched cocks, the desire to know this feeling became irresistible... But what to do? The idea of ​​going to a sauna started to tickle me. I went to spot a gay sauna, stayed nearby in my car, saw a man or two come in, got me hugely excited thinking about them inside, but I didn't go in, no shy, but a fear all the same...

But the idea was gaining ground. A few days later, my wife was to have lunch with some girlfriends. Good opportunity to try to experiment. I take a quarter of Viagra, I put a small cock ring, so as to excite me a Max. Time to park near this sauna nd, I begin to hesitate.. I watch the entrance, I feel my cock which is stretched to death by the Viagra and the cockring, I see a boy approaching the door, the natural air, and which enters as if nothing had happened... Easy! I just have to follow him and do like him...

Pumped up, and very excited, I go and enter. Just behind the door, a window, the waiter who is waiting for I don't know what in a corner, he makes me pass before him; the boss asks me to pay, I'm very embarrassed but I tell him that I'm coming for the first time, explain to me a bit. He answers me: here is a key and a towel, you have the locker room right there, you get naked, there is after the shower and sauna or hammam.
No time
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